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About Price Road Pastures

My journey into making natural goat milk skincare products began as an idea to heal my severely dry cracked skin.  I am and have always been a chronic hand washer and as most of you know leads to very dry sore cracked skin on your hands.  

I was making butter, cheese, and yogurt with my surplus goat milk and I noticed how much cream would be at the top of the Mason jar as the milk sat in the refrigerator overnight so I thought I bet the milk would help my hands  I started researching the vitamins and minerals in goat milk and the benefits to your skin. I made my first batch of soap and lotion and was hooked!  My skin never felt so healthy, soft, and wonderful.  Within days my hands healed and I became a believer in the benefits of goat milk on your skin.

I also realized your skin is your biggest organ on your body and we tend to treat it harshly with products filled with chemicals. I decided to make my products with fresh goat milk and natural skin-loving ingredients and so Price Road Pastures LLC was born!

I started going to Craft Shows and Farm Markets with all my products and people loved everything I made which made me feel wonderful to help people have healthy skin.  I am proud to say all my products are handmade from start to finish by me and I have expanded not only from soaps and lotions but into anti-aging face cream, lip balms, bath bombs, shampoo, and conditioner bars all made of fresh goat milk and healthy natural ingredients.

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