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 Price Road Pastures LLC

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More About Us

We are a small dairy farm in Logan Ohio in beautiful Hocking County.  Goat milk is loaded with vitamins for your skin : A, E, B6, B12 and D these vitamins play a part in your skin's life cycle to help with cell growth, wrinkles and dryness to name a few.  It has Lactid Acid which is an Alpha Hydroxy which is an anti aging wonder and Triglycerides to help with skin's elasticity.   Goat milk has Selenium,  Calcuim and fatty molecules to inhibit you see goat milk is a life saver to your skin!


Price Road Pastures

Goat Dairy Farm and Products

Price Road Pastures is a local dairy farm in Logan Ohio.  I raise and sell dairy goats and make wonderful goat milk products for your skin.  I make all my products with fresh goat milk and I use the best oils and essential oils in my soaps and lotions.

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