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Goat Milk chapstick packed with luxurious oils such as Avacado oil, Sweet Almond oil and Argon Oil which is wonderful for fine lines on the upper lip plus Vitamine E these balms are so smooth and silky on the lips.  They are wonderful to put on before you lipstick...makes your lipstick smooth, creamy and silky looking!  The flavor that is listed is what the lip balm smells and taste its Yummy too!


Flavors: Honey Menthol, Orange Cream, Blueberry, French Vanilla,Pink Lemonade, Mango Peach, Watermelon and Fantastic Pear!  Each lip balm is $4.00

For Fall : Pumpkin Cheese Cake

Goat Milk Lip Balm

  • Please store  in a cool environment 

  • USPS

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