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             It's here my new and improved Collagen boosting Anti-Aging face cream made with fresh goat milk!  Same great formula but improved and powerful but gentle to the skin.  I added Carrot Seed Essential Oil which is a fabulous collagen boosting promotor and due to its high antioxidant properties (beta-carotene) its ideal for mature and sun-damaged skin,  It helps repair tissue and helps rebuild the collagen layer under the skin.

Neroli Essential Oil is high in Vitamin C content to help boost collagen production and regenerate skin cells.  It improves the elasticity of the skin and maintains the right oil balance in the skin so its fabulous for all skin types.  Frankincense Essential Oil has cytophylatic properties which generates new cell growth and protects the existing cells from damage.  It helps with tightening and toning sagging skin and improving your complexion.  Geranium Essential Oil increases collagen production, promotes cell turnover and cell regeneration.  Rosehip Essential Oil has lycopene a powerful antioxidant to help with skin aging.  It has Vitamin C and encourages new collagen cell production.

Anti-Aging Goat Milk Face Cream-New Formula

  •  This amazing face cream has Pomegranate Seed Oil that is high in Punicic acid which is a High Omega 5 Fatty Acid that makes a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties that fends off free radials.  It can help  by unclogging your pores and to help with symptoms of acne.  Jojoba Oil has vitamin E in its natural form which works with your skin as an antioxidant.  That means it helps your skin fight oxidative stress caused by everyday pollutants.  It doesnt clog your pores and its not irritating because its a wax that aborbs into your skin and creates a soothing seal.  It helps in keeping your skin from looking oily because its similiar to your nature oils in your own skin which in turn tell your skin follicles that you do not need additional sebum production.  Johoba Oil also helps soothe skin conditions and moisturizes your face.  Fresh Goat Milk works for all skin types and has muliple benefits including boosting moisure levels, repairing the skin barrier, preventing fine lines,  wrinkles, and reducing acne.  

         This face cream last you awhile because a little goes along way ...use on clean skin morning and night you will notice your skins improved feel and textures.  It comes in Lavender, Shea Vanilla, Rose, Lilac, Honeysuckle, Lemon Verbena, Milk and Honey, or unscented.  2oz size

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