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             This set includes one shampoo and one conditioner bar.  These bars have no lye and are ph-balanced and geared toward normal hair.  They contain cocoa butter which deeply penetrates and nourishes the hair while soothing and supporting scalp health.  Johoba oil is most like your natural sebrum so it will not leave your hair heavy or oily.  Goat milk makes hair soft and maintains a healthy scalp .  

Essential Oils :  Rosemary to help hair growth and lavender maintains a balanced and healthy scalp,  The scent is a fresh clean scent or you can choose unscented.  Unscented is a great alternative for hunters  who use scent away ... these shampoo bars will not dry your scalp and hair out like some hunter spays have a tendency to do.   All ingredients used are unscented and deodorized.  

The conditioner bar adds Aloe Vera Juice which cleans the hair and maintains a healthy scalp.  Carrot seed oil maintains a conditioned scalp and repairs split ends.  

These syndet shampoo bars last 60 to 65 shampoos and the shampoo bar is 2.25oz and the conditioner bar is 1.5oz


Normal Hair Shampoo and Conditioner Bar


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