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This set contains one shampoo and one conditioner bar set.  These bars contain no lye and are ph-balanced.  These bars contain Neem Powder contains nimbidin which can help suppress inflammation of the scalp and is an antifungal.  Aritha Powder nourishes the hair and scalp and is a deep scalp cleanser.  This bar has Johoba oil to moisturize without the greasy feel and Aloe Vera helps with inflammation and calms the scalp.  

The Essential Oils used in these bars:Tea Tree Oil reduces the itchiness associated with dandruff as it fights the flake forming yeast, Lemongrass Oil fights against Malassezia furfur , an yeast associated with dandruff helps to soothe the scalp, Peppermint provides a cool effect on the head and helps in the removal of dandruff, Lavender sooths and maintain healing of the scalp and shine to the hair.

Conditioner bar adds these soothing ingredients: Aloe Vera, Carrot Seed Oil and Silk Amino acids.

These bars should last 60 to 65 shampoos and the shampoo bar is 2.25oz and the conditioner bar is 1.5oz.


Oily Dandruff Syndet Shampoo and Conditioner Bar Set


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